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Intensive Retreats

10-day Intensive, Rishikesh, North India, 04-14 December 2015
: Neema Majmudar & Surya Tahora
: 04-14 December 2015
: Swami Dayananda Ashram, Rishikesh
: - First Four Brahmas Sutras;
Brahma Sutras is one of the highly analytical texts of Vedanta attributed to Vyasa. In his commentary to Brahma Sutra, Adi Sankaracharya analyses the vision of Vedanta and defends its view against other existing philosophies of his time in brilliant and comprehensive manner. Sankara analyses the nature of fundamental human problem and the way to solve it. He establishes that all our suffering is due to mistake we make about our true nature. Since the problem is that of error, the only solution lies in correcting the error and knowing truth of individual and his/her relationship with the universe and its cause.

- Chapter XIII of Bhagavad Gita, Selected verses on Values
In chapter XIII, replying to Arjuna's question about what is jneyam (to be known) and Jnanam (means of knowing it), Lord Krishna reveals personal qualities that one has to acquire to become eligible for spiritual knowledge. One of the essential parts of human growth is to discover the true nature of Isvara and relate to the cause in ones daily living.

- Along with meditations in the morning and meditative movements in the afternoon.

Comments of participants :

(1) Guru Govind Dou Khade, Kake Lagu Pay? Balihari Guru Apne Govind Diyo Bataye. Guru and Govind are both standing in front, who do I offer my salutations first? It is Guru because of whose compassion, I discovered the Govind (the cause of the universe). Thank you dearest Surya and Neema for guiding me so beautifully. Here's to a lifetime of share journeys. With love,
Namita D., Mumbai

(2) Each time I come away with a new nugget of this treasure enabling, empowering and encouraging me further in my pursuit. Life has indeed become more beautiful than ever and I thank you both immensely for opening my eyes and holding my hand.

With love and gratitude
Shona B., Mumbai

(3) While already going for the weekly classes in Mumbai was starting a shift in my perspective of life ... the retreat has accelerated the shift.

The experience started as soon as I reached the Ashram grounds.... A feeling of peace and liveliness. To hear and glimpse the Ganga was awe inspiring. I met so many new and varied people, but the common thread was a thirst for the knowledge, a happy and cooperative atmosphere in all the classes.

Tai Chi, Meditation and the beautiful chantings by the Ganga were instrumental in peeling away the years of weariness and reenergised me. Taking a Ganga bath and praying to my ancestors especially for my Mummy and Papa , made me feel like it was a completion and I came away with feeling light and happiness for them and how lucky I was to know such loving parents even for a short time.

I came away with many learnings and insights and a feeling that now my journey has truly begun. A greater sense of engagement in life but with a calmer , happier and more loving sense of being. An amazing experience. Words are usually never adequate to describe such an experience, so I have done my best. The real learnings will be best reflected in my attitude, behaviour and understanding of myself and the world around.

Thank you once again.... It is a start of a lifelong journey.
Vimal L., Mumbai

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