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Intensive Retreats

10 Day Intensive Retreat, Rishikesh, North India, 5-14 December 2016
: Neema Majmudar & Surya Tahora
: 5-14 December 2016
: Swami Dayananda Ashram, Rishikesh
: Selected Verses from Shvetashvatara Upanishad

The program consisted of study of Selected Verses from Shvetashvatara Upanishad Svetashvatra Upanishad is named after Shvetashvatara, a rishi, who as a result of his noble actions, earned Isvara’s grace, and gained the knowledge of the ultimate reality. He taught to sadhus: what is the nature of Brahman the source of everything? From where we are born? By what do we live? What happens to us at the time of dissolution? How do we manage our sorrow and happiness while living? Along with morning meditations, practice of meditative movements and dialogue sessions.

Comments of participants :

(1) I came to Vedanta retreat last year and I was able to understand well Brahma Sutra taught by Neema, so I thought I knew everything about Vedanta. Hence, in my mind, the main purpose for my returning this year was to relive the beautiful experience of Ganga and reconnecting with lovely people of last year with whom I had developed a deep bond. During this retreat, when Neema presented the subject matter of Upanishad in a different way, my understanding refined further. During every day of the retreat, I realized that I was learning so much more and there is yet a lot to learn in the future. I am much more humble now as I clearly see enormity of this knowledge. What struck me the most this time is the understanding that there is really nothing secular as everything including science and all other disciplines give us insights into one all-pervading intelligence called Ishvara. In addition to phenomenal classes, Ganga dips every morning and connecting to people was a special privilege. I am very much looking forward to being in Rishikesh next year.

Rajan S., Bangalore, India

(2) I have attended many retreats of Neema earlier in Europe but I felt very relaxed this time as it was 10 day retreat which gave us time to reflect and immerse ourselves in this teaching. I am beginning to enjoy lightness in my life as a result of growing clarity attributable to this profound teaching. The presence of Ganga was magical and made a big difference. I felt that she was washing away our ignorance and papa with every dip that we took in its divine waters. During this retreat, I was greatly impacted by the power of words of Upanishad and their ability to convey the reality of oneself, the world and its cause. I also appreciated indispensability of Neema’s precision in teaching without which we can easily go on a tangent and entirely miss the point.

Anne L., Germany

(3) I have listened to Neema’s videos online for the last few months. This is my first retreat and during this event, I have developed lifetime relationship with this teaching and the ashram. The day starting with Surya’s meditation opened up our heart and prepared us for the teaching for the rest of the day. The more I listened, more I wanted to listen, I never felt it was enough. Neema is the best teacher I have ever had in my life. She makes everything so clear without complicating subtle ideas that are conveyed in Upanishads. I am forever grateful to have this opportunity to learn Vedanta on the banks of holy Ganga and with special people who came from far away with only one purpose- to understand the truth.

Pankaj S., Mumbai, India

(4) Neema’s teaching is very lucid and conceptually clear. After exposing to her teaching, I appreciate how Upanishads expound the truth through delicate and intricately woven ideas and concepts. I had read many spiritual books earlier, and as a result had many notions which were not coherent. I realize how important it is to have a right teacher to understand the vision of Vedanta. I am planning to come next year again in spite of my busy life and work commitments as I consider it as a great source of inspiration. I also want to thank the staff for working tirelessly and providing us with healthy and tasty food and comfortable environment in which we could relax and enjoy the teaching. Finally I must mention that the interactions with other participants inside and outside the classroom added a lot to my learning.

Satish M., Pune, India

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