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Dealing with ups and downs of life, Alibhag, 11-13 March 2016
: Neema Majmudar & Surya Tahora
: 11-13 March 2016
: Alibhag, Maharasthra, India
: In today’s fast changing world, many individuals feel overwhelmed by their incapacity to control variables that determine the outcomes they desire. Vedanta shows us that there is an infallible order that connects us to everything in the universe through series of laws that are all pervasive. The assimilation of this understanding can lead to a broader perspective that helps us to balance and integrate both dynamic engagement and occasional yielding.

Interactive Workshop with four modules:
The context of human living, meaning and responsibilities (svadharma and svakarma)
Using discernment in making choices over actions
Responding to situations without resistance
Balancing and integrating dynamic engagement and yielding modes

- Along with guided meditations and meditative movements.

Comments of participants :

(1)I attended Neema & Surya's 3-day vedanta retreat, whose overarching theme was dealing with the ups and downs of life. The retreat was an excellent experience in all ways possible, and led to an immediate and observable shift in my perspective.
Because of how well the content was presented and conversation around it was facilitated, the sessions were a pleasant, engaging, interesting experience. I felt like we were just having honest, realistic discussions on life, what are some effective ways to think about it and live it.
Neema and Surya held everyone's attention fully throughout the seminar. I think one of the reasons for this is that after every 30-40 minutes of presentation, we were given time to apply each piece to our own lives, and then given time and space to share those pieces of ourselves if we chose to do so. Hearing what others had to share helped me understand the concepts more deeply, from a variety of perspectives.
It all felt authentic, honest, open-hearted, kind and compassionate. Surya and Neema took genuine interest in anything you had to share, and were committed to helping you work through how to apply this knowledge to your life. They created such a safe space, that I organically felt comfortable peeling back the layers to myself, sharing difficult thoughts and feelings that I would have otherwise held back (even though I didn't know almost anyone from before the retreat). It seemed like everyone else was going through this same journey of introspection and opening up, and we were all encouraging and supporting each other through the way.
It was a gentle mind and eye opening experience. I had no prior knowledge of Vedanta or familiarity with the Gita. Everything was presented in a simple, logical, practical and relatable manner. Surya and Neema appreciated and encouraged questions, and at no point did I feel self-conscious about not knowing or believing something. I felt good, I felt more at peace. It was like I suddenly just had more perspective on my life and my challenges, and I didn't feel as anxious, worried or judgmental of myself or others. And this has continued weeks after the retreat, which confirmed for me that the retreat led to a real shift in my understanding from which there is no going back.

I've come away with having more faith in the universe and in the order of things, and therefore being able to accept what is and feel hopeful for what is to come. And I can focus on understanding my role and how I can best apply myself rather than expectations of what I should be achieving.

I highly recommend this retreat or any other with Surya and Neema. They are excellent teachers and facilitators, and compassionate guides and mentors. You will always come away from discussions/sessions with them having learnt something, feeling enriched in some way.
Megha M., Mumbai

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