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Vedic Chants (by Neema and Surya)
Vedic chants of Rudram (Lord Shiva); Purusha and Narayana Suktam (Lord Vishnu), Durga Suktam (Goddess Durga), Sri Suktam (Goddess Lakshmi), Medha Suktam (Goddess Saraswati) and Bhagya Suktam (Goddess of Fortune) are amongst the most powerful prayers when chanted with precise intonations and pronunciation.

When being chanted, they create amazing vibrations, purify the atmosphere and connect us to divine instantaneously.

The entire vision of oneness of Vedanta, is recited in these chants in a poetic form asking the divine to enable us to see their presence everywhere and ultimately to know the essential non-difference between I and Isvara.

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Vedanta, the Yoga of Objectivity
In this interview done in Bangkok, Neema explains why we have chosen to call this website, Vedanta, the Yoga
of Objectivity. What is the relationship between objectivity and seeing the reality as it is? What are the different
levels of objectivity we are speaking about?
Listen to audio (3:46 minutes)

Introduction to Vedanta, a timeless wisdom
A series of 4 videos which unfolds in a methodical,
short and powerful way the whole vision of Vedanta by looking into what we are really
searching in life and by inquiring into each side of the equation you are that (tat tvam asi).

The timeless teaching of the Bhagavad Gita
Watch this series of 20+ videos which unfolds the
essential verses of the Bhagvad Gita in a modern, accessible and yet profound manner. These talks
highlight how its vision is relevant to our contemporary world. It also shows how its teaching can help us to
live a meaningful and objective life.

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