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Living the vision of oneness
Exploring realities and growing as an individual
       by Neema Majmudar and Surya Tahora

A must read for every person who wants to reorient one's life and initiate a journey towards personal growth and freedom.
This book presents the vision of oneness founded on the profound and universal teachings of Indian Philosophy (Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita) with immense clarity.
The authors go on to elaborate the manner in which the understanding of oneness can be incorporated in our daily life for:
  • making decisions
  • dealing with different situations
  • managing desires
  • establishing congenial relation with varieties of people
  • and managing constant changes.



362 pages, Paperback, 6 inch x 9 inch
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274 pages, Paperback, 7 inch x 10 inch
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Vedanta, the Yoga of Objectivity
In this interview done in Bangkok, Neema explains why we have chosen to call this website, Vedanta, the Yoga
of Objectivity. What is the relationship between objectivity and seeing the reality as it is? What are the different
levels of objectivity we are speaking about?
Listen to audio (3:46 minutes)

Introduction to Vedanta, a timeless wisdom
A series of 4 videos which unfolds in a methodical,
short and powerful way the whole vision of Vedanta by looking into what we are really
searching in life and by inquiring into each side of the equation you are that (tat tvam asi).

The timeless teaching of the Bhagavad Gita
Watch this series of 20+ videos which unfolds the
essential verses of the Bhagvad Gita in a modern, accessible and yet profound manner. These talks
highlight how its vision is relevant to our contemporary world. It also shows how its teaching can help us to
live a meaningful and objective life.

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