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How do I know Vedanta is a right pursuit?

Any seeker has a wide range of spiritual pursuits to choose from in our modern society. Every group claims that its own set of texts, techniques and practices lead to truth. How to know that one can commit to Vedanta?

Vedanta does not make you any promise. It does not claim that it has the solution to a problem that is real. In fact, Vedanta says that there is no real problem. You are the whole. You are limitless. You are already what you are seeking, here and now. In its vision, this is an existing reality about yourself that you can know, see clearly through a means of knowledge in the forms of words that is the Upanishads.

Let us suppose that what Vedanta claims, 'you are already limitless' is not true. That means, that you are limited and through doing something or following some practice involving physical actions, visualizing some light inside, reaching some special states of experiences, repeating the name of Isvara, fasting and undergoing severe austerities, etc., you will be free from limitation. This contention, that a limited being, putting limited efforts (no matter how sincere they are) can achieve limitlessness is not logical. Any limitlessness can not be the result of any given action.

Behind all my pursuits, what I am implicitly seeking is freedom from limitation. Since limitlessness cannot be produced by action, the only possible solution is that I am already limitless, but I somehow have concluded that I am limited. If this is true, I just have to remove my wrong notions about myself. Vedanta precisely throws light upon the real nature of I, which is already free from any limitation. If what Vedanta says can be the only possible solution to my fundamental problem, then I have no choice but to listen to what it has to say.

Moreover, in this pursuit, there is no glorification of any person or any cult of personality. If the teacher is able to make me see, it is because he/she has been exposed to an evolved method of teaching which employs words in a given context.

There is also no request such as 'surrender your reasoning capacity because the truth cannot be grasped by the mind'! Indeed Upanishads themselves say that to be a valid means of knowledge, what they say cannot be contradicted by logic and reasoning. One requires certain analytical skills and logical thinking to examine each contention and dismiss it through reasoning. Only through this process of inquiry, all doubts that come on the way of understanding are removed.

The claim that Vedanta being the truth can not be contradicted by any reasoning is a challenge to every human intellect. This is why in the tradition, all possible questions are raised freely and deliberately, the commitment being not to a person, a set of beliefs or a special experience but to the understanding of the truth, the reality.

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