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Intensive Retreats

'Two Intensive Retreats, St Ferreol, France, 19-26 July 2014'
: Surya Tahora
: Week end Retreat 19-20 July 2014 - Five Day Retreat 21-26 July 2014
: St Ferreol Lake (near Toulouse), South West of France
: Week end Retreat 19-20 July 2014: Essential verses of the Bhagavad Gita Five Day Retreat 21-26 July 2014: Vivekacudamani by Sankaracarya Along with meditations, breathing exercises, meditative movements in the morning; questions and answers session in the evening.
Comments of participants :

(1) As the retreat was progressing, I was amazed to see how the clarity of the teaching delivered by Surya enabled me to understand better a few essential things I had studied in the past with other teachers and how it was bringing together different drawers in my brain as the teaching was delivered in a coherent manner. Several times,I was moved, shaken by the strength of what I was learning.

Also I appreciated the fact that all questions were welcomed without taboo or judgment. There was a space of freedom offered to us and that is extraordinary and rare.

Jocelyne G, Bassins, Switzerland

Surya was able to find the words to touch my understanding at an intellectual level and also beyond, it spoke to my heart. This combination allowed me to spend a fabulous week, which changed the perception I had of myself and life. I do not have words to thank Surya. He has this capacity to unfold a complex subject matter with ease and at the same time enable us to experience them and assimilate them.I keep all what happened as an enchantment and I am enthused by the idea to see how all this will occupy central place in my life, day after day.

Rosine G, Reunion Island

Thank you from the depth of my heart ! First I would like to honor the 'luck' factor, through Emilie who forwarded me the announcement of this retreat in France. I need to say that my expectations at the beginning of the retreat were about discovering what Vedanta is. I cannot now say that these are fulfilled, because it went much beyond that. This retreat not only reconfirmed some deep convictions that I had about nature of reality and consciousness, but also strengthened them as they were delivered in a much more organized and structured manner.

I also want to thank you both Surya and Neema very deeply for your openness, , capacity to welcome questions, doubts and allow them to manifest, without imposing your ideas or restricting our thinking. I consider interrogation as an essential part of understanding meaning of things in their totality.

I enjoyed very much the venue of the retreat, its natural settings, a jewel of greenery in the hills, with silence and quietude, loaded with a certain presence. I love Alain and Dominique who welcomed and took care of us at the Sentiers du Lac, with their warm personality, their humor and lightness.

What I will do after the retreat is clear and immense at the same time. I would like to come back to myself, by reminding me that I am much more than this physical body. I might also continue this journey of discovery by attending your next retreat in India.

Florence F, Toulouse, France

My expectation when I came to attend this retreat was to study texts of philosophy to understand nature of self and our place in the universe. I loved the way I was welcomed as I was and be free to ask any questions, or to say, "there is this sentence or these ideas which I do not comprehend clearly". I liked the dynamics of a teaching within a small group as inputs from participants added different dimension to the teaching and enriched my comprehension. This retreat was also for me a gift to myself , to position myself, to give myself a moment for myself. The way you are conducting the teaching, you let the wisdom flow through all of us.Thank you to both of you, Surya for this teaching and Neema for your support and constant availability !

Emilie A, Toulouse, France

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