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Intensive Retreats

Introduction to Non-Duality, Rabastens, South of France, 12-14 July 2015
: Surya Tahora
: 12-14 July 2015
: Rabastens, near Toulouse, South West of France
: Essential verses of Chandogya Upanishad in the morning.
Interactive Workshop with three modules in the afternoon to assimilate the content of the morning sessions:
- What is Success: Insights from positive psychology and the Vision of Upanishads
- Acting in an interconnected and interdependent world
- Dynamics of Actions and Results: what you can control and what you cannot

Along with meditations, breathing exercises, meditative movements in the morning; questions and answers session in the evening.
Comments of participants :

(1) I would like to thank you Surya and tell you how much I appreciated the teaching of Vedanta that I discovered fully with you during the retreat. I loved your approach which brings together this ancient tradition with disciplines of science and psychology that exists in twenty first century. The teaching resonates with me because all what you said based on the Upanishads converges with quantum physics, neurosciences, and answers some of the predicaments that we are faced with in today's context. I loved particularly your openness, your ability to welcome my doubts, and the manner in which you handled my questions that at times seem to oppose the thoughts propounded by you.

The diversity of the schedule of the retreat was well thought of. The time spent on the physical exercise of Tai Chi, sitting meditation, study of Vedanta texts in the morning followed by interactive workshop in the afternoon, connecting its wisdom to modern challenges of living was ideal. The three day duration was intense and appropriate, and I wish we could have you more often with us in France!

Annie & Freddy P., Rabastens, France

(2) What I really liked during this retreat is the insights you gave us about essential nature of Isvara (cause of the universe) in the morning sessions on Chandogya Upanishad; it brought a fundamental change in my perspective. One of the messages that I take home with me is to act with serenity and contribute to others, a very strong message which gives a totally different flavor to my actions.

Thank you to Annie and Freddy for their generosity, their warmth and care, and for having organized this retreat in the beautiful South West of France.
Angelo A., Belgium

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