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The equation you are that

The nature of I

Consciousness is the reality of everything including space and time
Is this consciousness, that is the reality of I, confined to my body and mind, even though independent from them? When I think that thought or any mental process is consciousness then I may conclude wrongly that consciousness is within the body or the brain. It therefore would have a form and be confined within the limits of my body. However, I have already seen that I am the content of any type of thought form and hence not any particular form.

The question arises as to if consciousness is not any particular form, how far does it extend? The Upanishads reveal that consciousness that is I, which is the truth of my body and mind, is also the truth of all objects, as well as the truth of time and space64. How can that be possible, it is a tall order to understand that!

First, I understand that just as my body-mind-sense complex depends upon consciousness, the same analysis can be applied to understand that consciousness is also the truth of all sentient beings whether it is human, animal, bird or insect or any other form. Then what about insentient objects?

Existence is the reality of all objects
We have to go back to the analysis of all objects we saw in the section about the orders of reality. Any object I take, let us say pot, can be further divided, into clay which in turn is nothing but molecules, atoms, particles, etc. That means any object that you see is nothing but a form within forms to the extent that you don't even know what it is really. The tangibility or solidity of the object has vanished. Upanishads point out that when you take a form, it resolves into another form, but what is invariable in all forms is existence, an 'is' upon which each and every form depends. That means existence is satyam and simultaneously appears as particles, atoms, molecules, clay and pot which are mithya in terms of their order of reality. Similarly, when you take all other objects belonging to empirical reality, whether a planet or a flower, a mountain or a river, this 'is', existence, is invariable in all of them while forms are variable. Being invariable, existence is completely independent of forms while forms cannot even exist without existence.

Consciousness is existence
Does it mean that the truth of my and all other body-mind-senses is consciousness and the reality of insentient objects is existence? Are those two different entities? No, that consciousness is existence; consciousness is the same as the invariable 'is' that is existence. Is it also true the other way around? Is existence that is invariable in a mountain, the moon, a river, a flower also consciousness? Yes, because there is some intelligence which makes every form what it is and enables this existence to be simultaneously mountain, moon, river, flower, molecules, atoms, particles, etc. That intelligence is in and through all the forms. What is the content of that intelligence? It is consciousness, just like the content of my intelligence is consciousness.

That means, what is invariable in all forms, all objects is existence-consciousness which is also invariable in my and all other body-mind-senses. Now, I can understand that consciousness is not confined to an individual but is also in and through all objects in the universe, being their reality 65.

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