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Recent Events

Series of Talks

'Talks on Bhagavad Gita- Chapters 1 and 2', Bangkok, Jan-March 2012
: Neema Majmudar
: Every Sunday evening from Jan -March 2012
: Sukhumvit soi 15, Bangkok
: Series of 11 Talks commenting in detail into all the verses of Chapter 1
  (the context of the teaching of Gita) and chapter 2 (the essential teching)
Comments of participants :

'Understanding the teaching of Gita is like giving your mind a 'Tune up' for the first time since you were born. Forever grateful for entering into my life,'
Marian Yu Fisher, Bangkok

'Listening to Neema’s classes, I had a wonderful feeling. On one hand, I felt that I have been taught something that is going to be a catalyst for making big changes to my outlook towards life. Yet on the other hand, I feel that everything Neema has taught to me is so self-evident... I recognize that there is so much more to learn, and I look forward to all that I have yet to understand.'
Vinod Mirpuri, Entrepreneur, Bangkok

Where have I been all this time?" was the main question that came to mind after each of the sessions with Neema. I realize that a few sessions on one chapter of the Gita are not sufficient to claim any form of wisdom or even knowledge but the prospect of going toward clarity is thrilling.
Neema's personality and unique style of sharing were very important for me to understand and accept the teachings. She made very complex notions seem obvious with examples from every day life.
I feel privileged to have stumbled upon Neema's teachings of Vedanta and look forward to further sessions '
Marie-Ange, Film Maker, Haiti

'The Vedanta classes with its logical explanations, with its sophistication of thought (but not complicated if you understand it) has brought about a freedom within my thoughts, my life and has made life more joyful and light.
These classes have taught me that experiencing varieties of emotions is natural part of being a human. However, how we manage these feelings or react to them is what makes or breaks us.
Neema and Surya are excellent teachers and teach with love, patience, compassion and most of all they walk their talk - which for me is the most important factor when I choose a teacher. I would recommend these classes to all - young and old as it is never late to change one's thinking and become better beings. We all have that choice - so take it and improve your lives fantastically.'
Marisa Narula, Entrepreneur, Bangkok

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Vedanta, the Yoga of Objectivity
In this interview done in Bangkok, Neema explains why we have chosen to call this website, Vedanta, the Yoga
of Objectivity. What is the relationship between objectivity and seeing the reality as it is? What are the different
levels of objectivity we are speaking about?
Listen to audio (3:46 minutes)

Introduction to Vedanta, a timeless wisdom
A series of 4 videos which unfolds in a methodical,
short and powerful way the whole vision of Vedanta by looking into what we are really
searching in life and by inquiring into each side of the equation you are that (tat tvam asi).

The timeless teaching of the Bhagavad Gita
Watch this series of 20+ videos which unfolds the
essential verses of the Bhagvad Gita in a modern, accessible and yet profound manner. These talks
highlight how its vision is relevant to our contemporary world. It also shows how its teaching can help us to
live a meaningful and objective life.

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