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'Human Values for Living the Vision of Oneness', Matheran, 4-6 Jan 2013
:Neema Majmudar; Matra Majmundar; Surya Tahora
:4-6 January 2013
Matheran Hill Station, Maharasthra, India
: Today’s world is fraught with challenges in multiple areas of life- political, economic, social and personal. The success of any individual or society as a whole depends upon the extent to which we are able to diagnose the sources of present day predicaments, accurately assess the opportunities, and decide a right course of action for building healthy and holistic societies. Many solutions lie not in merely modifying our existing ways but in fundamentally shifting our paradigm.

When a person is alive to greater spheres of realities, ones short and long term goals, relating to people, decisions and actions can undergo a major change. The Vedic vision of realities has a great potential to create a new era by enabling individuals to operate from a wider perspective, gain fulfillment and contribute to betterment of entire humanity.

This program of 6 modules is based on Indian (Vedic) Philosophy and meant to assist the individuals to enhance their framework of values for building better societies. The sessions are interactive, engaging participants in group discussions and presentations. Case studies drawn from individual as well as business situations, role plays and videos are utilized. The workshop includes practices of yoga, breathing, traditional meditation and meditative movements.
Comments of participants :
I will definitely utilize, incorporate some of the ideas learnt during the workshop in my professional life. It will help me formulate the values curriculum program I am teaching: interconnectedness; basic human sensibility of what is right, dharma; lawfulness of cause/effect; action & results, inability to control results, importance of choosing proper actions; emotional quotient as foundation for understanding subjective/objective. I will think more about my sphere of influence to make bigger contribution in the world!  I will utilize the yoga practices for balancing myself.

Even though I was familiar with the concepts of each module- It was good to have the opportunity to talk seriously about them with people who were really engaged and thinking about the concepts too. I enjoyed the activities we did as a group. Thank you for all the care and passion you brought and shared !!
Juliane R, teacher, International School, Bangkok

The module 5 on Ways to become more objective and to manage our subjectivity was the most insightful for me. It gave a thorough analysis of complexity of mental mechanisms that are obstacles for achieving higher growth. It also brought me more awareness of the importance of interpersonal relationships in family, social and professional areas. The workshop will enable me to better understand and resolve conflict with myself as well as clients. 
Matra M., Yoga therapist and teacher, Palo Alto, California

The ideas, concepts and program content were very valuable and the speakers presentation of the material was brilliant ! I will certainly implement several ideas discussed during the workshop. The module which is the most insightful for me is the conclusion as it gave me an integrated approach.
Vivek M., Entrepreneur, Mumbai

The most insightful module of the workshop was the very last that shows tat tvam asi (You are the Cause).Now the task of finding how I can make positive changes in my life starts. I feel like a little wave, I am scared yet I am grateful for the tools shared with me. I hope to use them effectively.
Jay Chanda, Mumbai

Brilliant insights and speakers ! What I will do differently is I will have a more open mind and insight into interpersonal relationships. I will be more understanding of others. The venue and accommodation were great and the catering as well.
Uday N. Entrepreneur, Mumbai

My understanding of some concepts is deeper thanks to the huge effort you put in organizing this workshop, whereby you adapted Vedanta to contemporary framework. All modules showed relevance of Vedanta for daily living today including at work.
Xavier B, Management consultant, France

Video Link:

Watch Video and do not miss the interview of Neema Majmudar & Surya Tahora at 5:35 of this video to know why we launched a new series of workshops with an interactive format that engages participants in dialogue and group discussions.

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