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General Information

Through our talks, seminars and retreats, we are committed to unfold the teaching of Vedanta in a way that it is directly relevant for every individual living in the modern society, without in any manner compromising on the authenticity and depth of the teaching. Our sessions encourage active participation of all, engage everybody in lively interaction and constructive dialogue.

The participation in our programs does not require one to belong to any religious tradition in particular. The emphasis is here on the universal relevance of the wisdom of Vedanta to life in the twenty first century. We are confident that anybody Indian or Western who is spiritually or philosophically inclined, interested in personal growth, well educated and thinking or simply attracted to Indian culture and wisdom would find our programs extremely enriching.

Our programs are usually conducted in four formats :
Individual Talks last 1 to 1½ hours and include time for questions and answers.
Series of talks on a given subject matter generally take place over a few months. The talks are held several times a week, in the morning and/or the evening. Each session lasts 1½ hours and includes both a talk and an in-depth dialogue.
One day or weekend seminars consist of a full program of talks and dialogues as well as guided meditations, covering in an intensive manner a given subject. Weekend seminars can be held in a residential format.
Intensive long retreats last from 10 days to one month. They are purely residential and are held in India or elsewhere. They include talks, sessions of dialogues and discussions, guided meditations, and sometimes yoga classes.
What people say about our seminars and retreats :

Intensive Retreats

I am still raveling in a fact that there can exist a teacher who comes and shows me in a short period of 10 days something that is completely beyond my capacity to comprehend on my own.

It is totally overwhelming for me to meet teachers like Neema and Surya who are so colorful, profound, insightful and who gave me totality of the teaching to the extent that I have no more questions. Indeed the teaching was complete in every aspect and I felt that nothing was left out or left unexplained or unanalyzed. I am ever so grateful to receive this marvelous teaching where every nuance of the nature of Self, world and the cause was shown in a highly sophisticated and complete way.

I was also deeply moved by Shri Rudram chanting in temple. Surya and Neema chanted with so much devotion, perfect intonations and impeccable precision that left me totally mesmerized. The practice of Tai chi which combines physical movements with mental concentration and relaxation blended very well with rigorous thinking process that was required in class.

Finally, originality and creativity of every participant also left me feeling very humbled. Overall, it was just one big wow.

Andre, Australia, Participant to Intensive Retreat, Rishikesh, December 2017

I have one word- brilliant. The wisdom of Vedanta is brilliant and the way Neema unfolds it equally brilliant. I have experienced so many ‘a ha..’ moments during the classes where some things that I had heard or read earlier became crystal clear. It takes a highly skilled teacher to present such deep and profound ideas of Upanishad with clarity and ease and take us to a point from where we can’t but see the truth of ourselves.

Preeti G., USA, Participant to Intensive Retreat, Kochi, November 2017

It was indeed a great pleasure for me to participate again in Neema and Surya’s retreat in Bonn this year. I feel that the format, each class followed by meditations related to the subject of the class, has greatly contributed to my understanding and taken me some steps nearer to my true nature.

Vedanta has indeed become the compass for not only my private but also my professional life as a psychotherapist. I have observed that as I follow the way of dharma, my words and actions carry more weight with my clients, friends and family. I also try to help my clients to confront realities and align with dharma. I’m very thankful to Neema and Surya for sharing their wisdom with love.

Kurt, Bonn, Participant to Week Intensive, Bonn, August 2017

I always believed that I could relax myself through activities such as meditation, Yoga and breathing exercises. At this retreat I realized for the first time that in midst of all activities, life can be lived with certain relaxation if we gain right perspective. This retreat has contributed greatly to a major and profound shift in my understanding of things.

Anya, Berlin, Participant to 6 Day Intensive Retreat, Witzenhausen, August 2017

Neema’s teaching is very lucid and conceptually clear. After exposing to her teaching, I appreciate how Upanishads expound the truth through delicate and intricately woven ideas and concepts. I had read many spiritual books earlier, and as a result had many notions which were not coherent. I realize how important it is to have a right teacher to understand the vision of Vedanta. I am planning to come next year again in spite of my busy life and work commitments as I consider it as a great source of inspiration.

I also want to thank the staff for working tirelessly and providing us with healthy and tasty food and comfortable environment in which we could relax and enjoy the teaching. Finally I must mention that the interactions with other participants inside and outside the classroom added a lot to my learning.

Satish M., Pune, Participant to Intensive Retreat, Rishikesh, December 2016

I don’t have words to thank Surya and Neema for the teaching they impart. After my Guru Swami Dayanandaji passed away, there was a big void. I started to attend Neema and Surya’s retreats and found the way Neema unfolds the vision of Vedanta is outstanding. In every event of hers, she lifts us to one level higher from where we are. Listening to her over last couple of years has given me so much clarity and taken my understanding to another level. Very few masters have that capability. I am committed to taking this knowledge forward. Today whatever I am, I am because of this knowledge and I would do my best to share it with others so that they can live their life with responsibility and cheerfulness.

Viresh K., Dubai, Participant to Intensive Retreat, Gokarna, October 2016

During this Vedanta Retreat, I felt like I was being exposed to and made to understand an intricate mathematical formula step by step with impeccable logic. The methodology of the teaching reminded me of neuro surgeon performing complex surgery delicately and skillfully to cure the patient.

It was a sheer joy to see the vision of Vedanta unfolded very elegantly and comprehensively with ease by Neema and Surya. The examples and stories were very well utilized to highlight the points and to make ideas understandable. Morning meditations were synchronized with classes to highlight various aspects of the teaching very aptly. Overall it was an extremely joyful experience in the journey of self discovery and gaining wisdom.

Yvon, Canada, Participant to 5 Day Intensive, Manjakuddi, February 2016

I would like to thank you Surya and tell you how much I appreciated the teaching of Vedanta that I discovered fully with you during the retreat. I loved your approach which brings together this ancient tradition with disciplines of science and psychology that exists in twenty first century. The teaching resonates with me because all what you said based on the Upanishads converges with quantum physics, neurosciences, and answers some of the predicaments that we are faced with in today's context. I loved particularly your openness, your ability to welcome my doubts, and the manner in which you handled my questions that at times seem to oppose the thoughts propounded by you.

The diversity of the schedule of the retreat was well thought of. The time spent on the physical exercise of Tai Chi, sitting meditation, study of Vedanta texts in the morning followed by interactive workshop in the afternoon, connecting its wisdom to modern challenges of living was ideal. The three day duration was intense and appropriate, and I wish we could have you more often with us in France!

Annie & Freddy P., Participants to 3 Day Intensive Retreat, Rabastens, France, July 2015

During the 10 day Vedanta retreat, I would awake with the chanting from the Temple everyday, followed by meditation with Surya, which was a calming yet mindful experience. Neema, with her brilliance of explaining the wondrous gift of the Vedanta vision, would keep us enthralled and riveted all day. She is my teacher in Bombay but hearing the discourses on Mandukya Upanishad and Bhagavad Gita continuously during a retreat helped me greatly. It is truly gradually changing my life and how I view my fears, my day to day problems and stress. Tai chi was taught in the afternoons that refreshed us to absorb more talks and discussions in the evening.

We stayed at the Swami Dayananda Saraswati ashram in Rishikesh which is by the banks of a fast flowing Ganga with its gushing sound and facing green hills. What an experience that was. I was apprehensive about how the place would be but the rooms were very comfortable, clean and had all the basic amenities. The sattvic food was simple yet very tasty.

I only knew one member of our group but by the end of it we all grew so close and were so sad to leave. All in all, for anyone looking for an insight into the teaching of Vedanta I highly recommend Neema and Surya's retreats. They are loving, kind and caring and I guarantee after this teaching, explained through logic, the way one views oneself and one's life changes for always.

Rashna T., Mumbai, India, Participant to Intensive Retreat, Rishikesh, India, November 2014
My decision to go to Rishikesh was spontaneous and very last minute. I found myself amongst a group of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, each of whom contributed to my learning during the days spent there. It was incredible to interact with them and realize that everyone, even though on the learning curve as am I, has so much to offer, widening our vision of the world and of ourselves.

Nothing on earth could defeat the gentle rippling sound of the Ganges flowing in the background during our meditation, the lectures and Tai Chi sessions with Neema and Surya.

The explanation of Mandukya Upanishad and chapter 4 of the Bhagvad Gita was absolutely riveting!!!

I have come away enriched. This teaching is profound- a real treasure and to be able to adapt it in one's life the way Neema explains makes it realistic and so addictive. I've had a taste of Vedanta and can now only do things to move forward with it in and as a part of my daily life. The magic of it unfolds everyday as I go about my daily interactions and routine.

This was my first retreat ever but there are definitely many more to come. Real food for real soul growth!

Shona B., Mumbai, India, Participant to Intensive Retreat, Rishikesh, India, November 2014
I first came to this retreat thinking, "How could someone lecture 7 days on one chapter in the Gita?" I quickly realized that Neema could have lectured for much more than 7 days if we had the time. Her instructional teaching on the nature of Ishvara and her inspiring delivery made the classes both fun and enlightening. Surya compliments Neema in a very special way through the guided meditation, Tai-Chi, and Vedic chanting. The combination of all of these teachings helped focus the mind and enrich my life beyond anything that I had expected. Thank you so much Neema and Surya, may much love and blessings follow you always.

Dev C., Miami, Florida, Participant to Intensive Retreat, Ladakh, India, May 2014
To go to Leh on the Vedanta retreat was one of the best decisions that I could have made. Throughout the retreat I kept thinking to myself that it couldn't get better than this. To have the knowledge of the Gita unfold in such a pristine, magnificent setting was awesome. But to have it taught by Neema was even better. Her knowledge, clarity, honesty, sincerity, and enthusiasm made everyday fun. There was never a dull moment in class.

To top it off we had morning meditations lead by Surya, what a wonderful way to start the day, reflecting on what Neema had taught earlier. Surya's open air morning Tai Chi and Vedic chanting in the evening were just as great. Our chanting had our two teachers giggling like crazy. Despite all the classes we even got to go sightseeing and trekking which was fun too.

By the end of the retreat our small group became like a family with every one sharing and taking care of each other. I think it was all due to what we were all learning from you both daily. I seem to have run out of all the words to describe how this amazing, fun couple complement each other and made this trip so special for me. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I know I have just started on my journey of discovering the realities of life and hope I am blessed to be a part of another of your retreat in the future for I know I have a lot to learn as yet. Thank you very much once again for taking me on such a lovely journey.

Meera K., Bangkok, Thailand, Participant to Intensive Retreat, Ladakh, India, May 2014

Thank you Neema and Surya. This retreat which combined study of a traditional text with afternoon interactive workshop was an overall excellent experience.! I truly value the interactions that we had during the program, and feel that I have earned two good friends in your form.
The retreat has helped at many levels. I am certain that in my professional life, I will act with less tension, and work pressure. The learning during the event will also make me support and help others to perform better.  

In my personal life, I will practice meditation every day with mental repetition of a sacred chant (japa) and add to my daily program the meditative movements we learned. Also the module on objectivity and interpersonal relations will have a direct impact on my day to day interactions with everyone.

Murugan V., Qatar, Participant to 5 Day Retreat & Workshop, Anaikatti, January 2014

I'm so much impressed by how Neema's words engaged me as listener and took me into deep logical thinking processes that had profound effect on my understanding of Vedanta. Neema not only made us understand what Vedanta vision is, but helped us to identify and remove several erroneous notions and assumptions that can be an impediment to understanding this profound vision correctly. Her classes step by step made us aware of our deep connection to the universal order which is governing the universe at various levels. Neema's simple and authentic examples from daily life showed us how Vedanta can be integrated in our life to live with broader understanding, knowledge and objectivity. 

Great thanks to Surya for the guided meditations that made us look into various aspects of teaching of Vedanta during deeply absorbed state!  I have been studying Vedanta in Germany through tapes and recordings for past several years, but what I found very valuable during this retreat is to have the eye to eye contact with teachers, experience the immense kindness of both teachers and having them around us all the time. Of course I enjoyed the seriousness of other participants of group for learning the subject and their immense willingness to help others at all times. Thank you!

Anne L, Germany, Mangalakombu intensive participant, July 2013

As a newcomer to Vedanta, I don't think I could have asked for a better introductory experience than I had with Surya and Neema. The quality of their teaching and the breadth of their knowledge was impressive, and left me feeling well equipped in my understanding of the core concepts of what was taught. Both on a personal and a professional basis, the retreat was beneficial and worthwhile. I enjoyed the open format of discussions, wherein any student could contribute and engage in dialogue. In particular, being a student of Physics, I had the very rewarding opportunity to share concepts of physics such as relativity and quantum mechanics, which facilitated further analysis of Vedanta and its applicability to modern scientific perspectives.

Dustin H., Michigan, USA, Mangalakombu intensive participant, July 2013

"Whether it is knowledge of the absolute reality or just how to be effective in the world...Vedanta is a profound means to know. Neema and Surya are two individuals dedicated to spreading this knowledge. Over the course of the 10 days, my understanding of Sastra and Vedanta grew and grew, and my perceived notions of spirituality shattered and rebuilt based of unshakable truth. The food, the yoga, the Tai Chi and the meditation were all conducive to clearing the mind, relaxing the body, to making us open to see what is.'

'What unfolded during 10 day retreat for me will stay with me for the rest of my life. To come across the knowledge is one thing...to come across this knowledge and two teachers that can teach so clearly and lovingly in a language that speaks to all is like finding a diamond in a cluster of semi precious gems.
Each day I was filled with this aliveness and a desire to learn more and more..but not just for the sake of ticking a box...no, transformation was taking place, deeper understandings were being unveiled.'

Tony & Monique Milroy, Chefs, Sydney, Australia, participants to 'Intensive Retreat, Rishikesh, 10-19 July 2012'

‘I want to thank you because this retreat has been very important for me. I have particularly benefited from the clarity with which Neema is able to unfold the vision of Vedanta which is so subtle in nature. Her method of exposition helps us not to get into any kind of pitfalls or misinterpretations. There is a lot of grace required to find someone who has the vision so clearly understood.

Throughout the retreat, they emphasized that the important part of human growth is to bring understanding of one's relationship to the total (Isvara) in form of the order. As a result, one big thing that has happened is that I feel that now when I come back I will really be able to bring this teaching at work in my daily life. Before this retreat, I used to attend classes by some other teachers, but I did not understand how this teaching can be relevant in my daily life. This new understanding will make a big difference. And I am very grateful to Neema and Surya for that.’

Millie Mitra, Bangalore, Anaikatti Intensive participant, January 2010

‘Neema requested me to teach Yoga during French and English retreats as I am a Yoga therapist at Stanford University Hospital in California. I had never studied Vedanta with a teacher before, but I used to read some articles on philosophy and had a lot of difficulties with the idea of a creator. I listened to the Vedanta classes with an open mind and I thoroughly enjoyed them. This is the opening of a new path and I am very interested to build more bridges between Yoga and Vedanta. As a Yoga teacher, I was so amazed to see the participants' enthusiasm and interest in learning Yoga, and interest in incorporating Yoga practices in their life style. As a teacher, you just then give everything. I loved the ashram very much, the south Indian food, the whole atmosphere and people. Thank you very much. I am very happy that we could be together for this retreat.’

Matra Raj, Palo Alto, California, Anaikatti Intensive participant, January 2010

‘Through a series of serendipitous events, we had the very good fortune of attending Surya and Neema's September 2009 Rishikesh Vedanta retreat. After spending more than six months seeking spiritual knowledge in India without much satisfaction, this retreat was like a shower of divine grace which left us feeling enriched, energized and hungry for more learning and knowledge. Surya and Neema are extraordinary teachers and spiritual guides that present complex intellectual concepts in a coherent, open, and welcoming framework. Every single day of this retreat was a completely fulfilling and unique experience unto itself with guided meditations, yoga and daily baths in the Ganga, complementing the core Vedanta lectures.

Our biggest complaint was that there was never enough time in the day to learn from and be with our teachers and the rest of the retreat group. More than anything else, this retreat confirmed our inherent belief that the knowledge contained within traditional Indian philosophy is life altering in a highly meaningful and fulfilling way, if one is blessed enough to find the right teachers. Our outlook on life was deeply enhanced as a result of this experience and we are more encouraged than ever before to continue on our path for more knowledge .’

David Zimmer & Sharon Azogue, USA, Rishikesh Intensive participant, September 2009

‘We are so grateful for the warmth and kindness in which Surya and Neema guided us into the studies and understanding of Vedanta. We had no idea that in such a short time, we could have drowned so deeply into this wonderful, mysterious and life changing ocean of knowledge.

Neema and Surya, besides being incredibly consistent in everything they teach, also have a delightful compassion when they are transmitting this knowledge. We, as persons and psychologists, really do not know any better way than the way they impart this profound teaching.’

Claudia Massa Regina & Edmundo Barbosa, Brazil, Anaikatti Intensive participant, Jan 2009

‘I am very grateful to Surya and Neema for giving us this teaching. I can say with confidence that my life can be divided into 'before' and 'after' this retreat, as it has enabled me to change my outlook towards life completely. The vision of the Upanishads was unfolded with mastery with the help of an evolved methodology of teaching. I consider every human being should benefit from this teaching since it is directly relevant to our lives and fundamentally changes the way we live.

The natural environment in which the retreat took place was splendid and the overall atmosphere was relaxed, friendly, joyful with a group which consisted of beautiful persons. Thank you very much !! I am looking forward to taking another retreat with you both.’

Maria Elena Vietto, Argentina, Anaikatti Intensive participant, Jan 2009

‘Surya and Neema were remarkable in their ease to transmit knowledge within the framework of a traditional methodology of teaching. Their enthusiasm and the passion to share knowledge were contagious and inspiring to all of us. The sessions were open to dialogues. Meditation was conducted with clarity and simplicity. Besides, the classroom teaching, human values they exhibited throughout the retreat were remarkable.

The group of participants in the retreat was an example of unity in diversity as there were people from Brazil, Argentina, South and North India, Reunion Island. This made it into a real group where the dynamic of the whole group was greater than the sum of individuals.

In conclusion, it was an unforgettable retreat and even more, a decisive step in discovering the order of Isvara, after all the years I had previously spent on this journey. Thank you Neema and Surya for sharing this wonderful knowledge.’

Stella Thomas & Roberto Toranzo, Argentina, Anaikatti Intensive participant, Jan 2009

'I am not sure that any form of gratitude is adequate to show how much I have appreciated these last 10 days. I only hope that my understanding of this knowledge will allow me to make better choices as a contributor to this universe. Your patience, understanding and willingness to teach is incredible and inspiring. Though I do not know where I am going in this life, I’ve developed a greater trust that I will find a direction and grow to better recognize my part in this world. That you have made me aware of so many opportunities is invaluable to me and I can’t take it for granted. Countless (though not limitless) thanks.'

Kaithlynn Ketia, USA, Rishikesh Intensive participant, Sept 2008

‘The clarity with which the teaching about one's self is conveyed is remarkable and at the same time fun. I have enjoyed the teachings and believe I have understood a great deal of this knowledge, with the understanding that there is so much more to grasp... I would certainly love to do it again and again! Seeing oneself in the proper light as a limitless being, why go for the limited! Thanks for so much patience and love.’

Mario Corella, Mexico, Rishikesh Intensive participant, Sept 2008

‘Thank you both very much for a wonderful experience in Rishikesh! Your teachings have really helped to clarify some points and consolidate others. What I notice the most is my understanding of Isvara has really evolved, for which I am so grateful. I very much look forward to seeing you both in the near future as I find you both very warm, and loving people.’

Clare Reynolds, Scotland, Rishikesh Intensive participant, Sept 2008

‘The ashram of Swami Dayananda is a very conducive place for exchanges and inquiry. People were very warm (and the cook outstanding), I keep excellent memories of the overall atmosphere of the place. The diversity of the backgrounds of participants gave rise to a great sharing of experiences. I thank you both infinitely for the teaching you gave me. I consider myself as blessed to have been able to meet you this year. My infinite thanks for your contribution to the world and you ability to keep alive the most ancient spiritual tradition with so much joy, passion and commitment.’

D.B, Paris, Rishikesh Intensive participant, Sept 2008

‘Vedanta was totally unknown to me, but this retreat has enabled me to comprehend step by step all the dimensions of the teaching and to integrate it into my daily life. This teaching invites one to understand one's nature, think about the meaning of our actions and our contribution to the world....Neema is a living example of clarity of mind...and she really teaches with love, understanding, and conviction. The commitment of the teachers and their clarity made this retreat a life enriching experiences.

Thank you Neema for your integrity, your open mind, and the love you spread around you.’

E.B, Paris, Rishikesh Intensive participant, Sept 2008

‘I attended their introductory Vedanta course in Anaikatti... It was a ten day capsule in the true Gurukulam style where the guru and the student are together from morning to night. The sessions were interspersed with yoga, meditation, walks and Q&A. The way the teachings of the Vedas were unfolded to us was brilliant. It was systematic, logical and came from a deep knowledge of the texts. Besides knowing the texts backwards, Surya and Neema are living examples of the Vedantic way of life.’

Neeru Nanda, Mumbai, Intensive retreat participant in South India, Jan 2008

‘...About teaching and methodology: we inquired into the question of the real nature of ourselves, without dogma or belief...Step by step, through the study of ancient texts, we examined the problems one by one. « Here and now», with objectivity and critical analysis... It was a unique experience, and I learned a lot.
What will stay with me is the patience with which you welcomed all questions. It was truly indispensable and from this standpoint, outstanding in comparison to all seminars and various trainings I had attended to. Each and every student has been listened to, no question was avoided, you always made sure that everybody had a clear understanding of the teaching.’

D.B, Paris, Anaikatti Intensive participant, Jan 2008

Interactive Workshops

I attended Neema & Surya's 3-day vedanta workshop, whose overarching theme was dealing with the ups and downs of life. The retreat was an excellent experience in all ways possible, and led to an immediate and observable shift in my perspective.

Because of how well the content was presented and conversation around it was facilitated, the sessions were a pleasant, engaging, interesting experience. I felt like we were just having honest, realistic discussions on life, what are some effective ways to think about it and live it.

Neema and Surya held everyone's attention fully throughout the seminar. I think one of the reasons for this is that after every 30-40 minutes of presentation, we were given time to apply each piece to our own lives, and then given time and space to share those pieces of ourselves if we chose to do so. Hearing what others had to share helped me understand the concepts more deeply, from a variety of perspectives.

It all felt authentic, honest, open-hearted, kind and compassionate. Surya and Neema took genuine interest in anything you had to share, and were committed to helping you work through how to apply this knowledge to your life. They created such a safe space, that I organically felt comfortable peeling back the layers to myself, sharing difficult thoughts and feelings that I would have otherwise held back (even though I didn't know almost anyone from before the retreat). It seemed like everyone else was going through this same journey of introspection and opening up, and we were all encouraging and supporting each other through the way.

It was a gentle mind and eye opening experience. I had no prior knowledge of Vedanta or familiarity with the Gita. Everything was presented in a simple, logical, practical and relatable manner. Surya and Neema appreciated and encouraged questions, and at no point did I feel self-conscious about not knowing or believing something. I felt good, I felt more at peace. It was like I suddenly just had more perspective on my life and my challenges, and I didn't feel as anxious, worried or judgmental of myself or others. And this has continued weeks after the retreat, which confirmed for me that the retreat led to a real shift in my understanding from which there is no going back.

I've come away with having more faith in the universe and in the order of things, and therefore being able to accept what is and feel hopeful for what is to come. And I can focus on understanding my role and how I can best apply myself rather than expectations of what I should be achieving.

I highly recommend this retreat or any other with Surya and Neema. They are excellent teachers and facilitators, and compassionate guides and mentors. You will always come away from discussions/sessions with them having learnt something, feeling enriched in some way.

Megha M., Mumbai, Participant to 3 Day Workshop, Alibhag, March 2016

They say at Diwali when we light the diyas, that the light removes ignorance. Your time with us was exactly this - it was a blessing to remove the ignorance without force, but effortlessly through the bringing in of light and knowledge. This was the best Diwali gift.

I am grateful to my parents for giving us this incredible gift of connection to you both Surya and Neema and to this knowledge - they are truly amazing for giving us the the opportunity to live an enlightened and truthful life aligned with the universal intelligence.

Both your approaches to this teaching was so modern, compassionate and human, whilst also being completely cognitively brilliant and with an approach that was so intelligent and skillful so that we cannot but be captivated by it. We are all still in awe and wonder..

With this knowledge we were also blessed with two wise teachers, two genuine friends, and a deep connection that has a depth of years of friendship.

Thank you !
With Diwali blessings and Love

Natasha R., Dubai, Participant to 2 Day Workshop, Dubai, November 2015

I would not have missed this retreat for anything!! Anybody who is launching a new step in life, would benefit greatly from this retreat on redefining success and learning how to handle interpersonal relationships. It is a must for those who want to live a meaningful life with commitment to ones growth and fulfillment!

Rajiv T., Mumbai, India, Participant to Interactive Workshop, Hilton Shilli, India, March 2015
As a professional psychiatrist and mental health practitioner, I have always been interested in personal growth and human development. Before coming to this retreat, I had read several books on Indian spirituality and philosophy to understand Indian ethos and had tried to apply it to my profession. This retreat made me realize that to capture the vision of texts such as Bhagavad Gita in its entirety, live contact with teacher is essential. This is because the teacher is able to show you the context of each part and how it fits into the whole vision. Throughout the retreat, I experienced ahha movements as I got deep insights and sudden clarity about concepts I had read earlier but not fully comprehended.

Moreover, as a result of this retreat, I have recognized the manner in which Indian philosophy adds value to knowledge of modern psychology. This clarity will enable me to enrich my professional practice.

Anand N., Mumbai, India, Participant to Interactive Workshop, Anaikatti, India, January 2015

‘ Thank you both so much for a truly wonderful experience over the past two days. It was a reawakening of all the senses and an exploration of understanding in a setting that was magical in its beauty and tranquility. You have brought another dimension to my life and helped me to look at things differently for which I am very grateful. Now the big challenge is to remember it all and keep it within us!! Thank you, Love.’

Saker M., Mumbai, Participant to Hilton Shillim Village 2 day Workshop, August 2014
‘ I have attended several training sessions as a director in a large international organization. However, this seminar was unique, I found myself taking many notes on things that I can apply in my professional as well as personal life. Thank you very much for the fresh outlook based on Indian Philosophy which stands out.’

Shamika S., Canada, Participant to Bangkok 2 Day Workshop, December 2013
‘ This seminar will give me freedom in action in my professional life and manage more effectively fear of not achieving targets. It will also enable me to be more patient, give space to people with whom I relate to such as partners, friends, colleagues, etc. It was amazing for me to experience a different energy all along the day. As a result of attending the seminar, I feel more patient, more free to act without judging, more free of my emotions. I appreciate how critical it is to understand this world and my place into it. This is a very important journey for me. This impels me to continue to further learn this great wisdom. The module on karma (action) and karma phala (result) was most insightful for me as it will accompany me every day. The next step is for me to plan and attend a longer and more intensive retreat in India.’

Laurent G., Belgium, Participant to Brussels 2 day Workshop, May 2013

‘ My understanding of some concepts is deeper thanks to the huge effort you put in organizing this workshop, whereby you adapted Vedanta to contemporary framework. All modules showed relevance of Vedanta for daily living today including at work.’

Xavier B, France, Participant to Matheran 2 day Workshop, January 2013

Series of Talks

"Where have I been all this time?" was the main question that came to mind after each of the sessions with Neema. I realize that a few sessions on one chapter of the Gita are not sufficient to claim any form of wisdom or even knowledge but the prospect of going toward clarity is thrilling.
Neema's personality and unique style of sharing were very important for me to understand and accept the teachings. She made very complex notions seem obvious with examples from every day life.
I feel privileged to have stumbled upon Neema's teachings of Vedanta and look forward to further sessions

Marie-Ange, Film Maker, Haiti, participant to 'Talks on Chapters 1-2 of Gita ', Bangkok,
Jauuary-March 2012

" For a long time I have been searching for a teacher to show me how to meditate. What I learned from time to time never worked: it was either about sitting up straight for hours; chanting things in languages I did not understand; or emptying my brain (which is pretty hard to do!). The class with Surya changed all that. For the first time I understood what meditation is all about. That it is about relaxing, appreciating myself, putting things in perspective, and at a deeper level connecting with the oneness. It truly enriched my life. Thank you so much Surya!"

Shamika, Economist, Canada, participant to 'Guided Meditations', Bangkok, February-March 2012

‘A group of us in the tiny Island of Fiji have had the good fortune, the Grace of our Dear Lord, to attend a series of talks given by Neema on the Bhagavad Gita. The entire group was simply mesmerized by the eloquence and clarity in which the profound wisdom of the Gita was unfolded to us for two hours each Saturday afternoon. [.] We can only pray that we will find Neema back into Fiji in the not too distant future so that we can continue to enjoy the phenomenal series.’

Vinod Tappo, Fiji, 'Vision of Bhagavad Gita' talks participant, April-July 2011

‘Neema has an incredible gift of being able to impart the knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita in a practical, intelligent and coherent manner that one can easily relate to. Her command of English Language and the depth and enormity of her knowledge on the Gita renders her series unique and enormously enjoyable. I am sure her series of talks will be simply adored by those who are being exposed to the teachings of the epic work of the Bhagavad Gita for the first time as well as by those aspirants who have already read or are familiar with the work. This is because Neema has a way of bringing this knowledge to her listeners in such a practical, intelligent and inquisitive manner that makes the listeners see the teachings of Gita in a new light. We begin to actually sit up and marvel at the profound wisdom of this sacred work.’

Gita Tappoo, Fiji, 'Vision of Bhagavad Gita' talks participant, April-July 2011

‘Thank you for having opened the doors of Vedanta to me. I consider myself as being 'lucky' or maybe a better word would be 'blessed' to have met you. These sessions have been a real discovery as Vedanta has laid down some new foundations and structure on glimpses of truth I had earlier.

Your last talks enabled me to make true breakthroughs and enabled me to gain clarity on some issues that I had not been able to resolve with my own reasoning . I was trying to stay as neutral as possible; however, at several times, I found myself filled with enthusiasm by the power and the elegance of this teaching...

One thing is sure, I will not stop this inquiry now, and I am convinced that we will meet again very soon, in Paris or in India.’

Cedric B., France, 'Insights into realities of existence' Paris talks participant, June 2009

‘I approached Surya and Neema's talks with intellectual curiosity as I had been told I would be interested by their examination of knowledge. As I had been led to believe there was a lot which absorbed me on an intellectual level but more unexpectedly I found that many aspects of the talks appealed at a deeper level. I have never really regarded myself as a spiritual person but Surya and Neema have made me reconsider this. Inspired by their clear and reasoned explanations, l find myself regularly reflecting on what was said. I feel that I have been given an insight into an important aspect of my life that I must continue to explore.’

Elaine Walker, Bangkok, 'Dimensions of personal development' participant, 2008

‘I always have been a seeker and the talks on the chapter 13 of the Gita have been very fulfilling for me. We generally try to read the Gita on our own and have our own ideas on its content. But the way Neema explained it was with so much clarity that it has become easier for me to understand and retain its vision. The art of looking at things objectively is mind boggling and it helps in day to day living and dealing with other persons at work and at home. Another great change has come in my life as I understood how to interact and to interconnect with others. Many common misconceptions about 'controlling' desires, 'being detached', etc. were also inquired into and negated. It was a great pleasure knowing Neema and it is a comfort being with Surya and Neema, discussing various things, as both are so warm and patient listeners and always eager to share knowledge. May God always be with them’

Pramode Jain, Bangkok, 'Chapter 13 of the Gita' Bangkok talks participant, March-May 2009

‘Thank you very much for the sessions - the whole experience was simultaneously relaxed, fun, and yet profound.

I found the teaching very liberating, comforting and entrusting me with greater responsibility, as it unfolds my connection with the universe. Comforting, as I am part of a larger design, linked to everything; liberating because the design exists, and therefore I am not overwhelmed by events outside my sphere of influence, and can concentrate on doing what is in my domain; and responsibility because the actions of each one influence the overall functioning of the design.

Another thing I really liked was that the sessions opened up and let us think about, and question, aspects of life and living that we often do not question, By questioning these, our awareness as well as freedom and responsibility have all increased dramatically.

Finally, in terms of methodology, etc. I really loved the way the course was conducted - the size of the group, the ambience, the link to real-life experiences. We also spent some time and several examples comparing and reinforcing the Gita teaching with Western scientific theory and findings.’

Geetha and Arun Sethi, Bangkok, 'The vision of the Gita' participant, 2008

‘Thank you so much for conducting the enlightening Gita sessions! It was an invaluable life experience for us. It made us see things from a totally different perspective and at the same time it gave a sense of beauty and purpose to our existence. We loved the wisdom, purity and simplicity of the teaching. We appreciate the dedication and professionalism with which you conducted the classes. Your method of teaching made the sessions alive and interesting and kept us riveted. After each class, as you may have gauged, we were constantly looking forward to the next one!

We are eagerly anticipating further sessions and discourses. Both of you are so warm and welcoming. You are incredible in your willingness to share your knowledge and spread the message of the all encompassing Isvara in our lives. Once again thank you so much!’

Maya and Gopi, Bangkok, 'The vision of the Gita' participant, 2008

‘'Well, listening to Neema meant, as she put it, a paradigm shift... Obviously, we need to make a choice between continuing in our old ways or try to grasp and navigate our lives through the new thoughts and ideas that have occurred...

I appreciated Neema's approach, which was more of sharing than laying down precepts. It was very refreshing to see this attitude from a person who has studied the Upanishads and learnt sanskrit. There was humility and joy as she spoke to us about the teaching of Upanishads.' ’

Sri Nidhi, Bangkok, ‘The vision of Vedanta’ participant, 2008

Individual Talks & Conferences

" I was somewhat familiar of the different subjects discussed in the conference. When we move away from the dogmatic part of the different religions, we find everywhere the ideas of impermanence, interdependence, and of one's limitless nature.

What struck me in this conference was the clarity with which Surya explained the order of karma. It was like a flash of light, a moment of clear certainty, a brief instant of 'vacuity'. This definitely opens for me new domains to reflect upon and frees me from some limitations in action. Thank you."

Liliane M, 'Knowledge & freedom', Conferences on Non Duality, Reunion Island, August 2011

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Vedanta, the Yoga of Objectivity
In this interview done in Bangkok, Neema explains why we have chosen to call this website, Vedanta, the Yoga
of Objectivity. What is the relationship between objectivity and seeing the reality as it is? What are the different
levels of objectivity we are speaking about?
Listen to audio (3:46 minutes)

Introduction to Vedanta, a timeless wisdom
A series of 4 videos which unfolds in a methodical,
short and powerful way the whole vision of Vedanta by looking into what we are really
searching in life and by inquiring into each side of the equation you are that (tat tvam asi).

The timeless teaching of the Bhagavad Gita
Watch this series of 20+ videos which unfolds the
essential verses of the Bhagvad Gita in a modern, accessible and yet profound manner. These talks
highlight how its vision is relevant to our contemporary world. It also shows how its teaching can help us to
live a meaningful and objective life.

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