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Intensive Retreats

'Four Day Intensive Retreat, Witzenhausen, Germany, 31 July-03 August 2014
: Neema Majmudar & Surya Tahora
: 31 July-03 August 2014
: Witzenhausen, Germany
: Selected verses from Vivekacudamani; Morning meditations; Meditative movements; questions & answers
Comments of participants :

(1) Even though I had studied Vedanta with another teacher earlier, I found the retreat very enriching and learnt a lot from it. The teachings were rendered in a very lively manner and gave me many ideas about how to reorient my daily life in keeping with the vision. Both Surya and Neema are very natural and accessible, so I felt comfortable approaching them and clearing several doubts that I had for a long time.

Gudrun S., Bonn, Germany

(2) The retreat was intense and deep experience for me. What I enjoyed was to have a lot of eye contact with the teacher, which made the teaching very personal for me. Neema guided our thinking process in an elegant manner and took it to extreme heights from where we were made to see many profound ideas in a clear manner. I have no words to express my gratitude, all I can say is I was struck by beauty of the teaching as well as the teacher.

Martina S., Hessen, Germany

(3) I feel very privileged that the wisdom of India came to our door-step in Germany. I was totally captured by the clarity of teaching. I also understood how important it is to have a live teacher who can unlock the meaning of texts that are generally obscure and hard to understand. Morning meditations and Tai Chi were a special treat. In addition to the classroom learning, it was very inspiring to see Surya and Neema living the vision that they teach. I plan to continue to pursue the studies and hope that we can welcome Surya and Neema again to Germany or Italy.

Cornelia L., Florence, Italy

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